June 16, 2014
I would like to note

 None of my artwork is intended to be “body positive” or anything. Its just intended to be a reflection of where I am at as a person and at the same time it is open to viewer interpretation. I.E. if you see it as body positive then, its body positive, but that wasn’t the intention behind it. If I draw a woman with stretchmarks or cellulite, its not because I read some post about it on tumblr. Its because that is what I wanted, needed to draw or see at that moment.

  I don’t get paid for this stuff so I do what I want when I want. But again, if you see it in a certain way and it speaks to you in a certain way that I didn’t intend…I have no control over that. Also if you see it as a positive thing then I think that is cool ; )

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June 20, 2013
I just watched

 30 seconds of that Miley Cyrus video. I saw some post on here complaining  about it and about her.

 How the fuck can anyone seriously use any brain power to ever react to such stupidity. I have too much other shit to concern me.

 And I’m done.

*drops the mic*

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June 17, 2013
I am

thankful for having two wonderful parents who did their best to make sure that my sister and I had a wonderful childhood.

  I read some of the things that a few of my tumblr friends posted yesterday and it just made me thankful for my parents. Were my parents perfect ? No, but they made us feel loved and secure. Also I never had to worry about having enough as a child.

 And I think that sometimes people are way too tough on their parents…way too tough and entitled.

 The world doesn’t owe you shit…be grateful if your parents love you and treat you well.

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June 10, 2013
I could have…

settled for a relationship that was just okay…but wasn’t awesome and amazing. I’m so glad that I didn’t…I’m so happy that I ended the relationship that I wasn’t truly happy in. Yes, sometimes I get frustrated with my wife and I know she gets frustrated with me…But being married to her is like getting your cake and eating it too.

  I’m just happy that I held out for someone that was amazing. So don’t settle….because its better to be alone than to feel alone in a relationship.

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May 27, 2013
If you wouldn’t ….

be seen with a girl in public…you shouldn’t be fucking her in private. That just makes you a scumbag.

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May 22, 2013
In addition

someone could take what I wrote about porn and liking certain body types and make me out to be a horrible person. And all their friends would agree with their trolling and even worse think that they were some kind of crusader for justice instead of the pathetic troll that they are.

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May 22, 2013

having a sexual preference for a certain body type doesn’t automatically make you bad person either. It just makes you a person with a preference for a certain body type.

ps Its really sad that I even feel the need to state this.

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May 22, 2013
Liking porn

doesn’t make you a bad person. But claiming that people who like porn are bad people; explicitly or implicitly makes you seem narrow minded.

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May 20, 2013

cuddlycolin said: I’m pretty sure it’s ALWAYS what you draw. How you draw never matters, just that you draw, and people caring is usually pretty inward and “selfish”, showing most interest in only the things they care about.

 I don’t know, I think there are some artists who just either have a unique style that fits into the current zeitgeist or are so fucking amazing that people automatically like their shit. 

 But having said that people are not obligated to like my work or anyones work. People are free to like the stuff that they like. The public has no obligation to support artists either materially or spiritually unless they are getting something from that art.

 But that is just my opinion.

tl;dr Its hard out there for a pimp.

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May 20, 2013

I’ve been feeling like “The Kid” in Purple Rain; because people are not liking the sketches that I have been putting up. Which is totally fine by me. But on the other hand I know that if those same sketches were of fat girls more people would have liked them. But as an “artist” I feel like I need to mix it up sometimes so that I can grow. Really I’m not fishing for likes…I’m just making an observation. And that observation is…its not always how you draw…but what you draw.

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